“I just want to give a shout out to all the doctors and staff at lahontan Vet Clinic. In the craziness of the last few days, they have been nothing but helpful, professional, on top of things, and have handled this mess beautifully. Thank you for taking the best possible care of our four-legged Critters”
-Shannon M., Facebook

“The staff and vets at LVVC truly care about my pets. They are responsive, friendly and affordable. They always have time for emergency visits and have made us happy to call them our local vet of choice.”
-Dawn C., Google

“I take my dog here for every vet need and I live in RENO!! This place is well worth the drive and still keeps the service and small town charm that I expect. I know that my dog is in great hands and the prices are great! All the staff and veterinarians know what they are doing and how to treat both the pet and owner.”
-Cassandra S., Yelp

“They did an amazing job with my son Vincent the pit bull today after an unfortunate accident requiring immediate attention. The staff was professional and caring across the board and I couldn’t have thought of a better place to be in an emergency. You guys rock.”
-Linx M., Facebook

“They got us in the day of and even did the surgery the same day! Dr.Faught is so caring, amazing! Can not recommend them enough!”
-Sydney E., Google

“Great staff!! They didn’t charge me an arm and a leg to get my hopper plopper stitched up and on our way out the door!! The staff was friendly (some furry and adorable)!”
-Patricia C., Yelp

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All of the vets at LVVC are absolutely wonderful. I take my two little shi-tzu’s to see [the Doctor]. Everyone at the clinic is absolutely amazing including the front desk staff, the techs, the volunteers and the Vet’s. I will always go to LVVC as long as I have my dogs ?
-Wendy W., Facebook

“Helped me out big with a costly knee surgery and worked with me. Super friendly”
-Chris H., Google

“Not enough great words to say – love the whole staff and pretty sure between a puppy with a skin condition and dysplasia, a cat with a tumor, and then who attempted to starve herself, and now a cat with a blood clot and a SEVERE UTI, we have seen everyone that works there! They are patient and reassuring and I have always felt that I have received the best possible care for our  pets! Thank you thank you thank you!!!”
-Jennifer G., Yelp

“Lahontan Valley Vet is the best! They have always treated all of my animals with the best care. They have been my vet for over 10 years since I moved to Nevada from Maryland. It was hard to start with a new vet after having such a great one from where I was from, but they exceeded my expectations and then some. I have dealt with most of the Vets at LVV, but more with [the Doctor]. He has always had a great way with my horses, cats, and dogs! I am very pleased with the way they recently treated my pup who was just neutered and had his dewclaws removed. They even sent a picture with the text to show how he was doing after surgery. They also called the next day to check up on him. Very good customer service and people skills with all of their employees. Thank you for all that you do!”
-Willow T., Facebook

“schedule and can’t stop for long but they got us Right in as soon as we got there and did an outstanding job! I am extremely happy with their care and understanding. Plus they made my dog feel at ease! Thank you guys so much!!#”
-Melody A., Google

“Visiting family from out of state, my dog got attacked and bit by another dog. The workers at Lahontan Veterinary Clinic were very helpful in advise when we called. When we decided to bring her in, even though they did not have any appointment times for us to make, they told us to come in and they would squeeze us in when they could. We arrived in the morning and it surprisingly did not take long to be seen. The doctor was incredibly kind and helpful. And after proper care was given we were surprised again by the incredibly reasonable price they charged. We were very happy with our unexpected visit to Lahontan Vet Clinic.”
-Heather J., Yelp